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Pristine Saab 900 SPG

Saab 900 SPG

Saabkyle04has become YouTube’s fastest growing source for un-biased, in-depth car reviews. Kyle tested mainly new vehicles, but sometimes he chooses to test some of the older, cult vehicles.

One such vehicle is the Saab 900 SPG in great condition. Will Brosha allowing him to film his pristine Saab 900 SPG.

He’s a big fan Saab car, so He does not hide his excitement: “I am SO excited to finally show you all this video. I am fortunate to get to test out a lot of new and nice cars, but nothing can replicate the joy of filming an insanely clean classic car. This 1988 Saab 900 SPG was the cleanest c900 I have ever seen, what a treat! Enjoy!