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Saab 99 EMS – Weslake engine 16V from Australia

Our regular reader Justin Van Stralen from distant Australia sent us interesting Saab ad from Adelaide.

It is the advertisement for the sale of 1976 Saab 99 EMS racing car. If this is read some of the car-racers, it may be useful to get the car ready for this race.

Saab 99 EMS

Here’s what Justin says about this interesting car:

I am a mad keen saabber here from adelaide, and follow Saabplanet everyday!

I found an incredibly rare car in my town that you might only see once in a lifetime, And i think a piece needs to be written about it and featured on!

Unfortunately the car is for sale, even though i think it is a museum piece! I believe it is one of the first 16 valve engines in the world, Such as Saab “the innovators” were…. and i believe the b202 et al was based on this head.

Please feature it! The owner is heaps nice, and a bit of a legend!

Thanks in advance,

Justin van Stralen (8 x Saab 900 classics)

Video of engine running:

The Weslake engine has covered less than 500 miles since new as has the transmission.
The sale includes a spare cylinder head and the factory drawings for the head.

Saab 99 Weslake engine

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