Special SAAB 99 Turbo offered on eBay on Klara Power charity auction

This very special SAAB 99 Turbo 200HP is offered on eBay on Klara Power charity auction.  Klara Power is a charitable association, which aims to help girl Klara, suffering from artogrypoze. In the future, the association also plans to help other children.

The bidding ends this Thursday.

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this lovery car and help little Klara! Total income from the auction will be donated for the treatment and rehabilitation of Klara Handke.

eBay link:


Vehicle specification:

  • SAAB 99 Turbo 2.0 16 V – year of production 1983 r.
  • Engine – 2.0 16V – 200 hp / 300Nm – engine management system ECUMaster DET3
  • Transmission – manual 5-speed
  • Intercooler FMIC 550x140x65
  • Shocks – front/back – Bilstein B6
  • Exhaust system – 2’ 7 inches
  • Brake system – front shields – EBC Standard- back shields – TRW, Brake pads front/back – EBC Standard
  • Interior – upholstery from SAAB 99 turbo
  • Steering wheel from SAAB 99 turbo
  • Individual front bumper makeweight

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