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What to do in the event of an accident: Saab collision survival guide!

What to do in the event of an accident, step-by-step:

  • Take a breath. Try to relax. Now check to make sure you are all right. No injuries? Good. Now ensure no-one else in your vehicle or other vehicle(s) is/are injured.
  • If anyone is injured, do not try to move them. Call Emergency telephone number
  • Don’t leave the scene of an accident until matters have been taken care of. Only move your vehicle if its position puts you in danger or you are told to do so by a police officer.
  • Provide only the necessary and requested information to the police and other parties involved.
    Do not discuss your personal condition, frame of mind or anything unrelated to
    the accident. This will safeguard against post-accident legal action.
  • If your vehicle cannot be driven, find out where the recovery service will be taking
    it. Get a business card from the driver or note the driver’s name, company name
    and contact number(s).
  • Remove any valuables from your vehicle before it’s towed away, including your insurance information and registration documents (if you keep these in your vehicle).
  • Obtain the important information you will need from the other driver(s) and a Case Number from the police.
  • If possible, call your insurance company from the scene. They will ‘walk’ you
    through the information they need. If they ask for a police report, do not be concerned, simply phone or go to the police station and ask for a copy of the report – the police may need a few days to process and compile the report.
  • Choose a reputable collision repair facility for your vehicle – your insurance company may want you to use one of their approved repairers but we recommend you use a Saab recommended Bodyshop for the best quality repair to your Saab. Your insurer may not agree but remember, no matter who insures your vehicle, you have the final say! So
    you can choose where it is repaired.

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