SAAB Concepts

For years, the SAAB has developed unique car prototypes to bring innovations visually to life and showcase past, present and future. In addition to the official concepts of Saab cars, the enthusiasts themselves have made their own proposals for the look of Saab cars, here we introduce you to these interesting ideas.

Captivating Elegance: The Saab SuperSport Coupe by Hirsch Performance – A Vision of Automotive Excellence
SAAB Concepts

The Saab SuperSport Coupe by Hirsch Performance

Dive into the enigmatic world of the Saab SuperSport Coupe by Hirsch Performance, a captivating blend of sportiness and elegance. Uncover its elusive details and discover the allure of its glass roof, distinctive design, and high-performance potential.

The Saab 98 Prototype – Unearthed After Decades of Obscurity
SAAB Concepts

Unveiling the Saab 98 Prototype: A Hidden Gem from Saab’s History

Uncover the forgotten tale of the Saab 98 prototype, brought to life by Dutch journalists from Autoweek. Explore the intriguing blend of Swedish innovation and Italian craftsmanship, and learn how the visions of Björn Eric Lindhs and Gunnar Larsson shaped Saab's legacy. Explore this captivating chapter in automotive history.

Saab Catherina
SAAB Concepts

Saab Catherina: A Timeless Prototype

The fascinating story of the Saab Catherina, a remarkable 1964 prototype sports car brought to life through the innovative mind of Sixten Sason. Unearth the journey of this Swedish automotive marvel and the unconventional path it traversed, from its inception at ASJ in Katrineholm to its impact on Saab's automotive legacy. Explore the intriguing details of its design, the clash of creative vision and financial constraints, and the surprising influence of Björn Karlström's MFI-13. Delve into the automotive history that could have been and the enduring allure of the Catherina prototype.

The Saab PhoeniX concept car: A visionary design representing the rebirth of an iconic brand
SAAB Concepts

Unveiling the Lost Saab PhoeniX Concept: A Tragic Tale of Destruction and Innovation

Uncover the captivating tale of the Saab Phoenix concept car, a symbol of innovation and rebirth for the Swedish automaker. Delve into its groundbreaking design inspired by Saab's rich heritage. However, tragedy struck as this unique masterpiece met a devastating end. Join us on a journey to explore the lost treasure of automotive history and the untold fate of the Saab Phoenix.

Saab concept by Bertil Osberg
SAAB Concepts

This is What a Reborn Saab Could Look Like!

This is what a Saab of the future could look like. This is another prototype car that, unfortunately, will not see its premiere anytime soon, and we don't know about the future . At least if you ask the industrial...

Saab 9-6x
SAAB Concepts

Another One “Saabaru”: Saab 9-6x

After GM breathed new life after the first stumble, SAAB tried to make a few pathetic attempts to turn the fortunes in their favor. The problem was the delay in introducing new models, so the solution to the delay was...

Saab Gripen Design Project
SAAB Concepts

SAAB Gripen Exterior Design Project

Automotive designer Dominico S. Lee, who lives and works in Italy, recently presented his vision of a compact executive car that has its design models in the Saab cars heritage. Dominico is of Argentinian-Korean origin, but for the past ten...

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