Saabs from around the World

Meet the beautiful Saab cars that are scattered around the world and the stories of their owners.

Saab 99 Against the Arctic Backdrop: Axel Roks' Adventure to the Polar Circle (Photo Axel Roks)
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A Frosty Odyssey: Axel Roks’ Saab 99 Journey to the Arctic Circle

Axel Roks' incredible journey to the Arctic Circle in his 1983 Saab 99. Experience the challenges, beauty, and thrill of a winter road trip through Norway's icy landscapes, all the way to the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Discover how this classic Saab withstands extreme conditions, proving its timeless durability and the enduring legacy of the Saab brand. A tale of adventure, resilience, and automotive passion awaits!

Unearth the Hidden Gem: The Only Saab 9-2X in Europe - A Collector's Dream!
Saabs from around the World

A Unique Opportunity for European Car Enthusiasts: The One and Only Saab 9-2X for Sale in Europe!

Uncover the rare and exclusive Saab 9-2X, a rebadged Subaru Impreza originally sold only in the US. Now, a lone Saabaru emerges in Europe, presenting a unique chance for automotive enthusiasts to own this remarkable piece of history. Explore its unconventional origins, General Motors and Subaru connections, and discover why this one-of-a-kind find is a must-have for collectors and Saab enthusiasts alike. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to own the sole Saab 9-2X in Europe.

The resilient Saab 900 Cabriolet, having clocked over 300,000 kilometers, stands as a testament to its enduring quality and remarkable journey.
Saabs from around the World

From Bargain Buy to Summer Joy: Martijn’s Saab 900 Convertible Restoration Story

In the realm of automotive enthusiasts, there's a particular joy in resurrecting an old, neglected car. Martijn Stadman, a passionate car lover from Ruinen, embarked on an extraordinary adventure when he acquired a Saab 900 Cabriolet for a mere 580 euros. Despite its challenging condition and a history of multiple owners, Martijn saw immense potential in the vehicle and set out to transform it into a pristine youngtimer. This is the story of Martijn's inspiring restoration project, where he faced daunting challenges, celebrated triumphs, and experienced the pure delight of breathing new life into a classic automobile.

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