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Saab 900 SPG
Saabs from around the World

Pristine Saab 900 SPG

Saabkyle04 has become YouTube’s fastest growing source for un-biased, in-depth car reviews. Kyle tested mainly new vehicles, but sometimes he chooses to test some of the older, cult vehicles. One such vehicle is the Saab 900 SPG in great condition. Will Brosha allowing him to...

Saab Train Crash Test

Saab vs. Train – Crash Test

"Lithuanian Railways" performed today interesting test, in order to improve safety at railway crossings.  260-ton Train (locomotive) crash into a parked Saab onto train tracks with ~40kmph. In  the Saab is set up the test dummy. Next year is planned a similar experiment,  but with faster train -...


SAAB-NEVS: No production, but tests continue

On Official Instagram account saabcarsofficial by Nevs almost daily publishes photos from manufacturing plants. Well, The truth is  of course is that there is No Production, we all waiting impatiently November 29, but tests and research are proceeding smoothly in continuity, As...


Test – Saab 9-3 1.9 TTiD

Yesterday thanks to colleagues and friends from Novi Sad MVM Motors ( Opel / Chevrolet dealer), I had a unique opportunity and a great pleasure to get to know and test it in real driving conditions, one of the most...