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About a month ago, we wrote on this blog about beautifully designed Saab T-shirts designed by designer Matthew Searle. As he was not satisfied with the design of the shirts that could be found on the market (and you will admit, the choice of t-shirts really is “boring”), then his intention was to create motifs for shirts that he would like – first and foremost, and then wanted to examine how his shirts liked and other Saab enthusiasts around the world.

Then Matthew said: “A few months ago I designed some Saab inspired t-shirts for myself as I couldn’t find anything online that I wanted to wear.” as a Result of Excellent Feedback and Corona virus

The response on social media was incredible and He was asked about the possibility of making them available for other Saab enthusiasts. The recent coronavirus has given him enougth free time to make that happen. To the joy of us Saabers around the world, He has expanded the range to nine designs and created a special website – – Matthew has signed up with a shirt supplier and the shirts are available to order right now!

New Saab T-Shirts DESIGN

If you look at the graphic motifs on the shirts, you will find that they are really incredibly well done, and that there are no such ones on the market. Matthew did a great job. According to him, his exclusive collection of T-shirts is inspired by period correct advertising and brochures. Painstakingly re-created and re-worked to ensure superb reproduction on high quality t-shirts.

Saab T-shirts designed by Matthew Searle
Saab T-shirts designed by Matthew Searle

When designing the shirts He he always asking himself the same questions: Does it look good? Is it period correct? Is it interesting? Does it promote the brand? And most importantly, would I be happy to wear it?

We really don’t know which is a better design, we also like “Flat Pack” inspired by Ikea advertising, so “UNLEASH YOURSELF” and of course “TALLADEGA” – a design inspired by the incredible feat that has proven the quality of the Saab car.

Ordering Saab T-shirts

Fortunately – T-shirts are now available for purchase, but again – unfortunately for many – so far they are only available for the UK market. The site buy buttons are just for the UK at the moment but overseas orders are perfectly possible. If you do not live in the UK, you can contact Matthew directly via the form to discuss what you would like.

You should know that The limited run designs won’t be available for ever. Matthew is already working on the next nine designs which will replace these. These shirts are really good, and we can’t wait to see 9 brand new Saab shirts. This is also our support for Matthew and his work.

Hopefully they will be of interest to Saab owners and enthusiasts.