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SAAB’s Cinematic Influence: Auburn Hodgson’s Artistic Homage to Tony Scott

Auburn Hodgson: Bridging Art and Nostalgia with Low-Poly 3D Video Works

Crafting Creative Wonders: Auburn Hodgson brings imagination to life using Autodesk Maya.

In the realm of visual arts, where creativity knows no bounds, Auburn Hodgson from the UK stands out as an exceptional graphic artist and visual creator. His work spans a wide range of artistic endeavors, but his current focus lies in crafting captivating low-poly 3D video pieces that draw inspiration from scenes in film and TV, reimagined as video game cutscenes reminiscent of the 16-bit era.

His artistic journey has led him to establish the captivating ‘16Bit Movies‘ YouTube channel (, which has garnered significant attention for its unique and nostalgic approach.

Hodgson’s most recent and noteworthy work has been in the realm of automobile culture, specifically catering to the enthusiasm surrounding SAAB cars. His inspiration for this project traces back to the famous advertisement created by Tony Scott, known as ‘Nothing On Earth Comes Close – Tony Scott’s film for Saab.’

This advertisement played a pivotal role in Tony Scott’s career, as it caught the attention of producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson, leading them to entrust Scott with the directorial role for the iconic film “Top Gun.” This connection between the SAAB 900 ad and the birth of “Top Gun” showcases the far-reaching impact of creative endeavors.

Reviving SAAB's Iconic Spirit: Auburn Hodgson's Tribute to Tony Scott's SAAB Advertisement in Autodesk Maya.
Reviving SAAB’s Iconic Spirit: Auburn Hodgson’s Tribute to Tony Scott’s SAAB Advertisement in Autodesk Maya.

Auburn Hodgson’s creative journey commenced when he secured a spot in the Computer Visualization & Animation course at Bournemouth University in 1997. This foundation laid the groundwork for his subsequent career in the world of CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery). Over the past 23 years, Hodgson has been an active player in the video game industry, traversing various roles and responsibilities. Starting as an environment artist at BlitzGames, he has since evolved into a Video Editor and Cinematics Artist, contributing to the development of game trailers for Rebellion Ltd. This extensive experience has equipped him with the skills and insights necessary to excel in his creative pursuits.

His YouTube channel, ‘16Bit Movies,’ is a testament to his passion for experimenting with diverse forms of visual storytelling. While Hodgson’s primary profession centers on video game trailers and cinematics, his spare time is dedicated to crafting unique shorts that resonate with nostalgia. The distinct low-polygon style employed in these creations not only taps into the sentiment of 1990s video game aesthetics but also offers a streamlined approach compared to more intricate high-detail works. This balance between artistic expression and practicality is a hallmark of Hodgson’s creativity.

The reimagining of the 1984 SAAB TV commercial within the context of Auburn Hodgson’s portfolio is an intriguing departure from his regular endeavors. Hodgson’s affinity for cars, coupled with his admiration for the cinematic style of renowned film director Tony Scott, culminated in this distinctive project. The original SAAB advertisement left an indelible mark on Hodgson, and he saw the potential to breathe new life into its essence.

This was original:

By applying his distinctive low-poly 3D approach, Hodgson infused the commercial with a fresh visual perspective that resonates with both automotive enthusiasts and appreciators of creative reinterpretations.

Taking Flight in Style: Auburn Hodgson's 3D Rendition featuring SAAB 900 and Griffin Jet—an Artistic Tribute to Tony Scott's Vision."
Taking Flight in Style: Auburn Hodgson’s 3D Rendition featuring SAAB 900 and Griffin Jet—an Artistic Tribute to Tony Scott’s Vision. (with Viggen)

In terms of technique and toolset, Hodgson’s animations are meticulously crafted using Autodesk Maya, a software that has been a cornerstone of 3D design for many professionals in the industry. Throughout his career journey, he has consistently strived to expand his skill set, particularly in the realm of animation. His YouTube channel provides an ideal platform to showcase his creative experiments, with a particular focus on car-themed animations. Hodgson’s aspirations extend to the realm of producing longer animations, and he remains open to potential collaborations or sponsorships to bring these visions to fruition.

Unveiling Excellence: Auburn Hodgson's Artistic Retelling of the Iconic Hangar Scene from SAAB's Original Advertisement, Featuring the Classic SAAB 900.
Unveiling Excellence: Auburn Hodgson’s Artistic Retelling of the Iconic Hangar Scene from SAAB’s Original Advertisement, Featuring the Classic SAAB 900.

Auburn Hodgson’s creative odyssey stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities that emerge when artistic passion intersects with technical expertise. His ability to seamlessly navigate the realms of CGI, video game trailers, and personal creative projects underscores his versatility and dedication. The ’16Bit Movies’ YouTube channel serves as a vibrant canvas for his imaginative endeavors, capturing the essence of nostalgia while pioneering a fresh visual perspective.

Hodgson’s homage to the SAAB advertisement exemplifies his unique ability to blend automotive culture, cinematic appreciation, and innovative artistry into a harmonious whole. As he continues to explore the landscape of visual storytelling, the art world eagerly awaits the next chapters in Auburn Hodgson’s creative journey.

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