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2017 The Annual Taiwan Saab Owners Convention

Saab Taiwan

The National Taiwan SAAB Owners Association is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and history of the Saab cars, and to provide fellowship and information to the membership. Presently, their members can be found in every part of the Taiwan, and a few foreign countries.

This club organizes a large gathering of their members every year. This was the case even this year, and the detailed preparations for this gathering lasted more than half a year – Thanks to the organizer Weiwei Chen and all the preparation staff behind the scenes.

Saab Taiwan Club

This year, at the gathering, as many as 450 owners and fans of Saab cars participated. It’s just an amazing fact that so far away from the motherland of Sweden has gathered such a large number of Saab fans.

Thanks to those participate and support, made the “SAAB MEET” 2017 successful. Thanks to SAAB Taiwan, general MGR & their Team Leaders; Michelin Tire Taiwan, variety of Auto Parts & Accessory suppliers, especially thanks to the non-profit organizations to make this event more meaningful.

Exciting Activities sum up with prize-drawing, owner’s SAAB-care expertise, techniques exchange and plenty of photo snap shots of SAAB cars and proud owners, depict this wonderful event and more heart-warming is the Saab owners donation of NT$130,000 contribution for the charity of the needed and Good-Will Society.

At first glance, when you look at all of these pictures, because of the large number of saab cars you can think that the event is organized somewhere in Sweden. But it’s not like that :)

Saabs from Taiwan

Also, the gathering had a humanitarian character, so the participants of the gathering collected large funds for the donation.

Saab Convention Taiwan

As you can see, Taiwan’s Saab cars are, thanks to their owners, in great condition and you can see extremely beautiful specimens. The Saab Club conducts monthly fun drives to different destinations in the Taiwan while advocating safe and responsible motoring.

Saab Taiwan

The Last Saab Gathering held December 9 at the Upat the Miaoli Flying Cattle Ranch featured various models that comprise the line-up of Saabs produced in the last 80 years. They include the gamut of numbers that Saab uses to designate its automobiles, from 96, 99, 900, 9000, 9-3, and 9-5 Series, to the more exotic models like the Carlsson and Turbo X Series.

A lot of Saabs Taiwan

Most of the vehicles that were on display are owned by bona fide members with the occasional guest cars belonging to car clubs and individuals invited by the Taiwan Saab club.