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The Extraordinary Low-Mileage Saab 900S Turbo

A Brand New Saab 900SA Brand New Saab 900S

Here is one, in many ways, exceptional car – Ultimate Classic 1993 Saab 900S Turbo, as some would say – Extraordinary car for extraordinary people. Someone collects postage stamps, someone collects badges or salevets, and someone likes classic cars. Another remarkable story from Taiwan, sent to us by Mr. Salo Yang, this is a real Saab story about exceptional cars and people.

Like this car, its owner is exceptional. This is a brand new classic car that runs only 56 km on the clock, not everyone will buy Saab, but the one who owns Saab, surely not belonging to “Ordinary” people.

1993 Saab 900S Turbo
1993 Saab 900S Turbo
Mileage: 56 km

Mr. Yan = Mr. SAAB

The owner of this classic Saab 900, Mr. Yan, who is 83 years old, and he is the manager of one of SAC’s contracted service centers (Scandinavia Asia Corporation), the service center named Shie-Shing workshop which was the exclusive designed workshop in the central of Taiwan of the first and second Taiwan president.

Mr. Yan founded the Shie-Shing workshop in 1970 which used to be a contracted workshop of Fiat, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, GM, and Jaguar successively and turned to be a SAC’s contracted workshop since 1981.

New Interior in Saab 900S
New Interior in Saab 900S

Mr. Yan bought and owned many cars during his life, but this is only new car he bought, other cars was used cars class, now he still own 3 classic 900, others 2 cars are 1989 Saab 900 3D and 1987 Saab 900 2D.

The Brand New Classic Saab 900

This stunning brand new Saab classic 900 has never applied for a license from MOT and the car has only 56 miles driven on the odometer, so we call it “brand new“, which also is an only new car in Mr. Yan’s life as well as his favorite car.

New Saab 900S in Scandinavia Asia Corporation Showroom
New Saab 900S in Scandinavia Asia Corporation Showroom

This car is a 1993 Saab 900S 3D Hatchback which is the last batch car of the classic 900 that SAC imported apart from 900 convertible.

Additinoally, Mr. Yan installed every Saab genuine accessories he can get. Also, most of unique wooden panels of internal upholstery are handmade by a furniture factory. Nowadays, this car parked at one of SAC showrooms and keep the perfect condition by SAC staff.

Collector's Car - 1993 Saab 900S Turbo Black
Collector’s Car – 1993 Saab 900S Turbo Black

Arc windshield of the plane cockpit, driver-centered instruments and the buttons pursuing operational convenience and logic recognition are all originated from the design inspiration of aircraft experience, rather than from aircraft Design, better to say – this is a real “Black Turbo“.

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