“Saab 9000 Squadron” from Taiwan!

Saab 9000 SquadronSaab 9000 Squadron

We present to you “Saab 900 Squadron” from Taiwan!

This, not a small group of Saab fans, representing almost 40s Saab 9000 owners from Taiwan. Members of this Saab club regularly held gatherings, where sharing personal experiences about Saab 9000.

Saab 9000 Squadron
Saab 9000 Squadron

Their activity is available through multiple channels: Facebook fan page, Google+ page, and blog,  and they have their own logo:

Saab 9000 Squadron Logotype
Saab 9000 Squadron Logotype


Members of club "Saab 9000 Squadron"
Members of club “Saab 9000 Squadron”

Saab 9000 in line

"Saab 9000 Squadron" from Taiwan!

"Saab 9000 Squadron" from Taiwan!

Saab 9000 from Thailand

Saab 9000 Squadron Badge
Saab 9000 Squadron Badge


  • Hi,
    Kindly be reminded that there is a typo in the first sentence. It is from ” TAIWAN, not “Tailand”. Two totally different countries. Thanks!
    Wayne Fan

  • I was wondering is it Thailand or Taiwan? The first is an independant country and the other is part of China. About 3000km from eachother.

  • Hi please can I buy one of your saab 9000 -squadron badages
    and the cost of postage ? I have been had saab’s for 36 years.
    25 with 9000. I have a 1998 annivesary model with l.p.g.
    I have been driving saab’s for 36 years 26 years with 9000.
    I have a lot of spares from mr1 9000 and some mr2
    I have two 9-5 plus one I am braking for parts.

  • I will be happy to know more Saab is amazing car it pains me people don’t get it ,if you are on it heaven, drive soled on bend it goes easy I am living with 9000 and am dyeing of part I will be happy if the part can go round because I don’t have any car in mind

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