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Saab 9-3 Convertible Outrun

Do you need anything more in your life: California, the Sun, the Saab Convertible, the V6, the wide roads and the wind in your hair … You will admit, all together sounds irresistible. This is exactly how Khaled aka Shane enjoys life. He’s a designer living on the road between New York and LA, Avid nature lover and sports cars enthusiast.

He owns several rare and exceptional cars, such as the Saab 900 SPG Turbo, Saab 9-3 V6 Convertible, Porsche and some other cars, and is also very active on the Internet and social networks, so you can follow him on Youtube or instagram. We already mentioned on the blog his Saab 900, and this is an opportunity to get acquainted with his Saab convertible.

How beautiful this car is and makes it a real pleasure to drive, we will see through his last video he recorded on the winding roads in the highlands above Los Angeles. It’s a Laser Red 2008 SAAB 9-3 6-speed manual V6 2.8 Turbo with V tuner upgrade, and custom free flow sports exhaust. The stock 9-3 Aero wheels were 18” but Khaled opted for 19” x 8.5” wheels with an upgrade to Brembo brake pads and R1 Concept drilled rotors, also there are Lowering springs and Koni’s.

Interesting, if we added 80s electropop sound to this video, we would have a nostalgic feeling of moving to the 1986 video game “Out Run”. The first real impressive arcade racing game from 1986 by SEGA.

In this video though, it’s not the Ferrari but the Saab convertible. Tuning house V-Tuning (Vermont Tuning) raises the performance of this car to the symbolically named “Stage Zero” level to 300 hp! And that’s not all, according to the owner’s testimony – extra power can be drawn from the car and this engine using high-octane gasoline. Thanks to this recording, we can enjoy the beautiful sound of the V6 engine and the customm exhaust system. This custom exhaust was made locally In Los Angeles and has made driving this car incredibly so much more fun to drive.