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Saab Fine Art Drawings

Saab fine art

Tyler Linner obtained his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Transportation Design from Detroit’s famous College for Creative Studies in 2012. After working with car designers as a Creative Digital Sculptor at the iconic General Motors Design Center for four years (think clay modeler, but on the computer), he left to continue his education at Northern Arizona University.

Heis currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Sustainable Communities, which deals with improving the economic, social and environmental health of communities. Also, As someone in car design and illustration, he is often asked what he drive. His pride and joy is a 1965 Ford F-100 with a 352 V8 and three on the tree, which has been in the family for over 15 years. In addition He recently acquired a 1973 Saab Sonett III project, which he has big plans for.

Saab 93

Saab Sonett

During the studies, he also made sketches of various cars, among which were of Saab cars. Below you can see Some Saab art from college, cca 2009. The Saab 92 is marker. Sonett is linocut with watercolor (He did four different colors).

Saab Concepts

Orange painting is gouache, and the board was his sophomore final project presentation.

Three extra pics of the  Saab clay model that came from that, which didn’t turn out as well as He’d hoped.

Saab fine art

If you like some of these works, you can contact the author to create a print sketch. Enjoy!

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