Nevs debt has doubled

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Still difficult days for NEVS, These are today’s news that brings Sveriges Radio (translated from Swedish)

Automaker Nevs have continuing economic problems. Debts to the bailiff has doubled late in June and is now 46 million.

In early August, some of the debts go to collection.

– We know that we have debts to subcontractors that we can not pay today. We try in the short term liquid assets, for example by pledging to eliminate debt, says communications Mikael Östlund.

How is the relationship between you and the subcontractors?

– We are aware that we’re pushing on the relationship when we can not do right for us. It is clear that it is regrettable, he says.

In total there are about about 90 orders for payment and the biggest requirement is 11.5 million.

They are still negotiating with the two Asian companies, and Mikael Östlund says that he previously said, it is more important to the outcome of the negotiations will be good than that they go quickly.

But wages for July will be disbursed.

– Yes, it’s payday on Friday, he said.

What is the mood in you now?

– It’s good, it’s an incredibly great support from all the staff, many are inside during the holidays to work further with the negotiations. Here in the office, it is not so much to the holiday immediately, says Mikael Östlund.

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