SAAB: The reorganizations of Nevs continues!

The District Court of Vänersborg, October 8, decided that the Reorganization of Nevs will continue until November 29.

I am pleased with the District Court’s decision. This gives us time to finalize the ongoing negotiations with the two car manufacturers” said Nevs’ President Mattias BergmanManagement came to the meeting of creditors in the prototype of the new electric car-Saab and proclaimed that driving pleasure is now equated with pure joy.

– In recent weeks, we have made great progress in negotiations with the two global companies.This means that we believe in a binding contract under reconstruction time, says Mattias Bergman.

According to Bergman, the two listed Asian car giants (whose names still kept secret ), willing to invest billions on several new models, more than Saab ever had.

– It’s not just about electric cars. The plant has capacity to produce 190,000 cars a year, and we want to exploit. A wide product range are our future, says Bergman.

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