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In Trending: Saab 900 Turbo

Saab 900 turbo

More good news in this month’s Modern Classics magazine. In the new issue this magazine brings interesting article about the Saab 900 Turbo model. Here’s what the editors of this magazine write about the Saab 900 in UK market.  According to UK car market analysis, Saab 900 Turbo prices are rising almost as quickly as their boost, therefore, in the opinion of the magazine editor, now is the right time to buy this car.

There’s some serious interest developing in Saab’s old-school 900 Turbo – the trad one from before GM spoiled the party. Their numbers have at last dwindled to the point where you d on’t see them regularly (which takes a lot longer with Saabs than most other cars), and their other delights are being prop erly recognised. This has, after all, long been a car of choice for maverick British TV detectives and anyone who wants to look like an architect. The other attraction is of course the turbocharger, although this is less exciting in the early (pre-‘SS) and LPT (Light Pressure Turbo) models which only got 143bhp.

Full-fat was either 160bhp or 175 for hotter ones like the Aero, and 185bhp for the legendary Carlsson. Just 600 of those were built, solely for the UK market, and the best are now into double figures. But the rest aren’t that far behind. LPTs might top out around £6000- £6500, but full-on ones can now make £8000. All these number are up around 20% on where they were two years ago, and are still rising. Condition is all important – these cars will do a lot of miles – but it’s a game to join sooner rather than later.