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1959 Saab 93b with GT850 engine for Sale

Saab 93bSaab 93b

This 1959 Saab 93b is a great mix of early clasic Saab bodystyle and more powerful GT850 power.

Described as mechanically sorted with a newly rebuilt freewheeling transmission, the seller says it’s ready for long trips at freeway speeds but advises that tires need replacement first. Rust is an issue, but is said to be moderate. Find it here on the seller’s own page in Oregon for $8,800.

Saab 93

According to the seller, This Saab 93 is in excellent running condition with extremely low mileage for a 56 year old vehicle (38,000 miles on the body, 13,000 miles on the rebuilt GT850 engine, 100 miles on the rebuilt GT850 transmission).

saab 93b

The car is an unusual hybrid that, is a combination of the classic SAAB  93 and  fun-driving 1964 GT850 inserted into the most beautiful and quirky of all SAAB bodies- a 1959 93b. The interior looks to be holding up pretty well also, though a pretty nasty stain on the rear bench is distracting. See the whole gallery of this car.


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