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Custom Honeycomb Grill kit for the Saab 9-3

custom honeycomb grill for Saab 9-3 2008+

Dennis Svensson has created an interesting DIY project dedicated to all owners of Saab 9-3 cars (2008+).

He has created Custom honeycomb grill set for the 9-3, and this set – it’s a reinvent of the very rare Hirsch grill. Grille set its made with all brackets and hinges as the original one, and fits perfectly in Saab 9-3 bumper. Because it is a lot of them asked for this part, He intends to start production, if there is enough people that want it.

It will be a full set, that means the middle grill + the 2 on the sides. It’s going to be black in the ABS plastic just like any other of the grilles, 3D printed .  This Saab part is very sturdy and also flexible.

So, If you are interested in purchasing this set, fill out a online questionnaire that was prepared by Dennis Svensson. He need answers to a couple of questions to know if he’s going to invest in making these set for public or not.

Original Hirsch Performance honeycomb grill kit  is composed of 4 parts:

Hirsch performance Honeycomb Grille set


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