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Jennifer is a Saab mechanic

Saab girl mechanic

Statistics show that, there are around 200 female mechanics compared to 500,000 male mechanics working (data for UK – 0.04%).

When they see a woman mechanic, Some of the guys would make horrible, sexist comments, but many of the women drivers would want to talk to female technician.

This Saab girl does not need a mechanic
This Saab girl does not need a mechanic

These interesting pictures sent to us Jennifer Waller – She herself is taking care of her favorite car – Saab 9-3 SS.

There is no reason women can’t do it. It’s not about brute strength. There is a tool for everything. In fact, women have certain characteristics that make them perfect for the trade. Women are dextrous, patient – they have less of a tendency to throw a spanner across the room.

Saab woman mechanic

The more women that do it, the more other women will see it as an option (as a professional occupation).


  • Now do the same photo shoot with a male mechanic wearing short shorts , spread eagle inside the hood.
    Don’t want sexist comments? Don’t do sexist things.

    • I could link you 1000 picture of male mechanincs showing their ass-crack when they work if that would satisfy you.
      Luckily for you there are now mansplaining lines you can call to ease your pain, since this OBVIOUSLY was an attempt to exploit this poor woman.

  • I think women mechanics are hot nothing like a woman that can go toe to toe talking about crankshafts, camshafts, ignition coils and you ask for a 1/2 in. rachet and she throw’s it to you. You know what I mean hot.

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