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Half Saab – Half Volvo – 6×6

Saab 900 - Volvo 855 6x6

Do you remember Saab-Volvo Monster,  this is a similar combination, but not a “monster”. This special 6×6 vehicle (See also Saab 906 6×6), front end makes Saab 900, while the rear end is Volvo 855 Wagon.

Saab 900 - Volvo 855 6x6

New Saab Volvo “joint venture” spotted in car service, where this special car waiting for a modification of the rear end. To be specific, new rear end will be borrowed from Saab Sportcombi.

After completion of the modification, however, then this will be more SAAB than the Saab-Volvo combination.  We believe that after these changes Special 6×6 will be even better :)

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