Seinfeld’s “Coffee” Ode To Saab

Jerry Seinfeld and his special guest Fred Armisen cruise over to Portland’s Coava in a 1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 for some coffee.

Seinfeld loves Portland. Seinfeld loves comedic”assassin” Carrie Brownstein, the other half of IFC’s awesome comedy “Portlandia.”

Keeping Portland weird, this great coffee town was the cozy setting for Seinfeld to extol the weirdness of Swedish carmaker Saab too, as the episode focuses on the work of Armisen and the three cylinder “no fat no nonsense” vintage green Swedish car’s unique attributes.

Watch here!


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  • The Monte Carlo in the Seinfeld video is missing it’s duel auxiliary lights on the front bumper. Wind deflectors and Saab airplane logo in the middle of the rear seat. The car had oil injection so the adding oil to the gas was pure fiction.

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