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A Surprise for a BMW driver

Saab 900ng vs. BMW series 3

We already mentioned this super-tuned Saab 900NG from Poland on this blog two years ago when this car had 360 hp. Its owner has hung up a couple of new videos from which we can see that it has been further enhanced, now this car delivers almost 400 hp, or more precisely 387hp!

The car owner loves to race with other drivers, he often surprised them by the power, speed and acceleration that this heavily modified Saab provides. so it was this time, when the Saab 900ng surprised the apparently tuned BMW 3 Series, but not enough to beat Saab in the street race from traffic light to traffic light:

Here’s a comment from a Saab owner who was challenged in a road duel: “A guy in Bmw amused me a lot, because one that trumpeted and waved his hand which you can see, he told the girl to record ;) As you can see, you can see that he is holding a phone. I just made sure that he had a nice recording, nothing more ;)