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Saab 9000 – Real Winter Beater

Saab 9000 in Winter conditionsSaab 9000 in Winter conditions

Saab 9000, and other Saab cars of course,, is real Winter Beater, and They’re drive great in the snow, Plus – they look cool even when they’re covered in salt.

Most people who drive through a snowy winter just want practicality, traction, a tenacious heater – Saab cars are the best in this role. Of course, it is understood that your Saab regularly prepare for driving in winter conditions.

When you well prepare your Saab for winter, and when you become more experienced, you can enjoy your winter driving. Saab guy Edgars Šulcs from Latvia has set some interesting Saab videos on youtube. First the video we see how Saab 9000 easily overcomes winter conditions (winter setup / Debica Frigo 2 195/65/R15 tyres), and to be quite fast to ride through the winter roads, uncleaned from snow:

And by the same author, we can see another entertaining video – instead of horses or reindeer, sleigh can pull Saab 9000 :)

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