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Emma Kimiläinen in Saab 9-3 STCC finished at 2:nd place in Heat 1

Another day in STCC with the beautiful racing Saabs.

Richard Göransson had a tough day and he had to abort the first heat after a collison with Volvos Fredrik Ekblom. Göransson also got punished for the incident and lost 5 places, from his initial 4:th position, in the starting grid for Heat 2. Despite that he managed to finish at 5:th place. Roger Samuelsson keeps on gathering points and he had a 9:th and an 8:th place at Falkenberg Motorbana.

The greatest highlight of the day was however Emma Kimiläinen. She finished at 2:nd place in Heat 1 and became the first women to get a podium place since 1996.

Congratulations Emma!







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