SAAB Tuning

A mighty fine Turbo X (488bhp)

TUned Saab Turbo X

Here is another Saab project from the Aura tuning company, specialising in performance tuning for the Saab, Opel/Vauxhall and other GM cars. Well this is not your usual Saab 9-3 Turbo X, although it is a mighty fine Turbo X! The owner of this beautiful car Gordonhas been on a mission and these missions are not so easy.

Going beyond the standard turbo set-up with a fully custom GT30 turbo with external 14psi wastegate, BOV, custom manifolds, custom intake and intercooler pipes. Not a simple task indeed, but Aura provides full credit to Gordon as that’s what pioneers do. It features a standard engine coupled with all the required bolt ons, and then they add in Aura 750 injectors and very custom mapping.

Super tuned Turbo X engine 2.8Saab Turbo X Dyno table

This is a reverse wastegate set-up, and they are using pump fuel (UK 99 octane). Gordon is not looking to go crazy on the standard engine for now… so Aura tuning keep it all in place with optimal efficiency peaking at 1.5bar dropping to 1.3 bar. It’s very, very fast pulling hard to the top end with 488bhp and 440lbs/ft. There is room for more with 500+

Well done to Gordon for taking it to the next level, and we will see even more as Aura tuning continue to develop further.