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Freightliner Crashed Into the Saab 9-5NG

Saab 9-5 hitted by Freightliner

In this horrible, incredible collision – it can be freely said – Saab saved as many as four lives. As Daniel Dorman testified for one of the many Saab forums last week, he confirmed from first hand that thanks to the Saab car and its construction, they managed to survive the impact of the road “locomotive.”

Long story short, All four in the car (three adults and one child) survived a ’96 Freightliner Truck running them over on the highway in Dainel’s Saab 9-5NG Turbo6. And not only did all four passengers survive the terrible blow, but given the strength of the blow, they suffered only minor injuries. And just look at these photos from the attachment, the scene is horrible, but we are glad that all the passengers are alive and that they will recover quickly.

Crashed Saab 9-5
The remains of a Saab car after a huge truck literally ran over it

This car saved their lives

According to Daniel’s thinking – This car Saab 9-5, and his father in laws quick thinking, saved their lives.

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Halved Saab after a collision with a truck
Halved Saab 9-5 NG after a collision with a truck

His father in laws was driving and wasn’t admitted to the hospital. Daniel was in the front passengers seat, and was admitted for a concussion. Daniel’s 5 year old son in the back, in a car seat, has a concussion and was banged up, spent 5 days in a hospital. His Grandma in the back with him, had a broken collar bone, broken ribs, an unstable vertebrae and broken scapula. She’s had two surgeries and will be hospitalized for a couple weeks still.

In Short, he is thankful for being in such a safe car, but also realize it could have been much worse.

Goran Aničić
the authorGoran Aničić
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