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Audi is Just Boring

Saab 9-3 filmed by a police Speed camera

As with all the posts on this blog, Audi is not the culmination of the topic but certainly Saab. Most of us non-fans of Audi cars can hardly see the difference between individual models of this manufacturer, or even the difference between different generations of the same model.

For example, the new Audi A4 is very little different from the previous generation model, and the uninformed layman hardly notices the difference. There are no noticeable changes, but that is what Audi car buyers expect.

The Last Photo of Saab

However, let’s return to the topic – Saab. One of the members of the Polish Saab forum, Kuźmicz Łukasz published a very interesting post today, in fact a photo of his Saab car. He called this photo “the last photo“, and the reason is that he sold his beloved Saab about a month ago. Exactly a month ago, he actually replaced his Saab with an Audi.

Just today, the “last” photo arrived at his address – a Photo recorded by a police Speed camera, just at the moment when he was going to pick up his new Audi. Of course, he drove faster than allowed on that section of the road, so this is now a “beautiful” memory for him.

The Audi is boring

However, as he testified today, he really misses his Saab 9-3 and will most likely return to his favorite Saab 9-3 or Cadillac BLS (twin brother) in a very short time, in half a year at the latest.

The reason is very simple, his Audi did not break down, nothing like that – Audi is just boring! As many note, with the Audi cars everything’s fine, but all the new models look the same, their interior is exactly the same, they’re really fast, but that speed doesn’t feel in the cockpit, thanks to excellent isolation. For some it is enough, but for some it does not inspire.


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