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Saab 95 press show by Tryggve Holm CEO for Saab, Swedish Aeroplane Aktiebolaget 1959. Photo by Arne Gustafsson. Source Digital Museum. be.
Saab History

The Four-Stroke Project

Olle Granlund, who worked as a test engineer in Saab's engine laboratory in the late fifties and sixties of the last century, presented his valuable observations on the adoption and development of four-stroke engines at the Saab company. Olle presented...

Can Saab rust?
Saab Technology

Do Salted Saab Cars Rust?

All car owners who live near the sea encounter extensive corrosion on car chassis. Also, a similar thing happens with cars from parts of the northern hemisphere, because in those areas, during the winter period, the roads are intensively salted....

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