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Saab 95 V4 Micro Camper

opal green saab 95 mico camper

Real campers (such as SaabO) are too expensive, but also bulky for the city and parking, and also with this type of vehicle you can’t go where you want, but only where a place is reserved for this type of vehicle, and you have to pay for camping in those places. The cost is increased by the high fuel consumption of this type of vehicle, and they are used quite rarely (unless they are shared with someone or rented to others).

Eventually, classic station wagons such as the Saab 9-5 or 9-3 Sportcombi can be used as a replacement, in these cars you can sleep well when the rear seats are folded down, but only sleep – nothing more. No extra comfort. Also, a pretty good solution is a mini-camper (or compact camper) like the Toppola upgrade for Saab cars.

Kampa micro camper interior
Kampa Domestic Tailgater Air. widly available cost aroud £499. there is a cheaper non air version. you can also get a bedroom attachment.

But even this solution is not simple, it is very rare and difficult to procure, and it requires special installation. Let’s also recall extreme versions like this Super Toppola camper based on the Saab 9000 sedan. Perhaps the best upgrades that we get the so-called micro-camper vehicles.

The micro-campers

The micro-camper is by definition a nice mobile home with all the necessary accessories, and even more than that, all in your favorite car, most often a station wagon or mini-van such as Renautl Kangoo or VW Caddy. But if you also like camping, you can make a lovely micro camper out of your Saab sport wagon with a little effort and resources. Just such one was made from his old Saab 95 caravan from 1975 by the British Paul Lucking.

Pretty big and comfortable bed inside the old Saab caravan
Pretty big and comfortable bed inside the old Saab caravan

He came up with the idea to remake the Saab 95, he had a car with no interior in it so He decided to make a micro camper. It has a, lesure battery 7 foot double bed with memory foam mattress a modified Tailgate Air Awning by Kampa brandTailgater AIR is quick to set up and completely free-standing, and the Kampa upgrade simply connects to the rear of the car. Reason for choosing it is the ease of putting up and the general. Quality of design materials and manufacturing. They also do a cheaper non Air version. Another good thing is that the costs are lower. Camper sites will only charge you for a car and a tent, because you are not a real big camper.

Convenient and practical camping alterations and adaptations.
Convenient and practical camping alterations and adaptations.

Also to add this, Paul’s Saab 95 was in pretty bad shape when he got it so he did a great job on reincarnating this car –  superb rein”car”nation. Excellent job, and a beautiful classic Opal Green Saab.

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