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Old Orange Saab 95 Turned Into A Hearse For Your Final Ride

Pieter Hof's Saab 95 Turned Into A Hearse

We have already presented to you here on a couple of occasions specially modified Saab cars that have become hearses. Of course, these are cars that left the factory as passenger vehicles, and then specialized companies such as the famous British “Coleman Milne” converted them into funeral vehicles. In particular, the company “Coleman Milne” in the past most often decided to convert the Saab 9-5 into a funeral vehicle, primarily due to the factory length of the vehicle and the large wheelbase.

Thanks to a great reportage made by the Dutch magazine “Tubantia”, Today we present you another Saab that has been converted into a hearse, but it is not a Saab 9-5, but a “distant ancestor” in the form of a Saab 95 caravan (wagon). You need a hearse, but Prefer no black?

This small company from the Dutch town of Enschede now also has a bright “orange SAAB hearse”. It is in any case a striking appearance. The orange Saab 95 from Pieter Hof (he is a great Saab enthusiast and a member of the local Saab club) is now even more special. His wife Karen has recently started using the car as a hearse. “Not the traditional colors of the funeral world, but relatives determine the color of a funeral.”

Their company is called “Hof Uitvaart & Zorg” and it has a lot of black limousines at its disposal, but this new Saab is special in every way. Karen Hof of Hof Uitvaart&Zorg in Enschede was regularly asked if she had something else to take their loved one to his or her farewell. She thinks of the striking appearance that her husband has owned since 2019: a Saab 95 from 1975 (most similar to this Saab 95). Wouldn’t that be the perfect means of transport for “the last journey”? – “The choice fits so well with the way I carry out my work” – said Karen.

Hof Uitvaart&Zorg Saab 95

Pieter had to think about it when Karen suggested it. After all, it was his old-timer and the old family car would have to be completely converted. Benches out, wooden floor and box guides in. “I had my doubts, because it is fantastic to drive around in such a car. I used to sit in the backseat with the father of one of my friends in a Saab. What an experience that was.” It also means that his beloved car will be spending this winter on the road rather than safely at home. As an enthusiast I would have preferred it in the shed. Driving with snow, ice and road salt on the road is an attack on such an old car.

Conversion to a Hearse

he conversion took about 1.5 months and the Saab also got a striking color. Although the vehicle was ‘born’ in a bright orange jacket, it was later repainted dark green by one of its later owners. Karin: “Many people call the color special, even spicy. But that choice fits so well with the way I carry out my work.”

Karen Hof in her Citroën 2CV
Karen Hof in her Citroën 2CV

Pieter said: “In the summer months Karin drives home visits in a Citroën 2CV. That car also evoked a lot of reactions from family and from people for whom the end is approaching. It reminds them of the old days, when they were young, doing fun things and planning for the future.” However, in a Citroën 2CV you cannot transport a box due to its compact size and that is why that task has now gone to the Saab 95.

Saab for a Dignified and Solemn Departure for the Last Journey

The first rides have been made. Pieter hadn’t expected it to be so popular. “It is really for people who want something different than usual. A funeral is always difficult and painful. We cannot take that sadness away. You do have influence on how you fill in that day, for example by making some things a little more colorful and celebrating someone’s life instead of focusing on the gloomy part.”

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