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Saab 9-6C – RWD V8 Coupe

Saab 9-6C - RWD V8 CoupeSaab 9-6C

Does anyone remember what had as main news April 1, 2005?

At that time, GM has reportedly announced the creation of a new sport coupe – rear-wheel drive Saab V8 Coupe. The images that are then supposedly “leaked” showing the concept car that was clearly designed in the United States with a very “stylish” design and aftermarket wheels.

This Saab concept was called Saab 9-6C and was unabashedly based on the Pontiac GTO / Holden Monaro

Saab 9-6 Coupe - Unfortunately, it was just an April Fools joke
Saab 9-6 Coupe – Unfortunately, it was just an April Fools joke

GM had only recently come up with the brilliant idea to paste the Saab emblem on the Chevy Trailblazer and Subaru Impreza.This was more or less the next natural step. During a brief but intense period Saab 9-6C became a hot topic in international forums.

However, quickly denied the news, but it was actually an April Fool’s joke :)

Pity, the model was very appealing…


  • To me , it’s good it was a apriljoke , not much of a Saab except rearlights and radiator . Looks more like Japanese car .

  • Basically, Pontiac GTO… just look at it. Had Saab listened to GM it may have happened. Way to stay true Saab even if it meant no more cars for awhile.

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