The Long-Awaited Dream: The Revival of Saab as an Electric Vehicle Pioneer

Saab's Resurgence: Ten Compelling Reasons Why It's Time for Saab to Shine Again in the EV World

10 Reasons Why Saab Cars Must Make a Comeback: An Author's Perspective

The recent article by Nikesh Kooverjee10 Reasons Why We’d Love To Have A Saab EV“, brought to us by TopSpeed, has struck a chord with Saab enthusiasts around the globe.

The piece beautifully outlines ten compelling reasons why Saab’s return as a manufacturer of innovative electric vehicles (EVs) would be nothing short of a dream come true. As fervent supporters of the Saab legacy, we wholeheartedly concur with the sentiments expressed in the article and the following points. In reflecting on Nikesh Kooverjee’s recent article, it becomes evident that Saab’s revival as a manufacturer of cutting-edge electric vehicles (EVs) is not just a desirable notion; it’s an imperative.

1. A Legacy of Innovative Design

Saab’s history is a testament to pioneering design that marries elegance with functionality. From the sweeping curves of the 60s and 70s to the angular brilliance of the 80s and 90s, Saab’s design ethos consistently delivered vehicles that were not only aesthetically pleasing but also forward-thinking. In today’s era of EVs, the prospect of Saab reimagining their iconic designs on scalable electric platforms is a thrilling one.

2. Aerospace Heritage for Technological Brilliance

Saab’s aviation legacy is a hidden gem that could revolutionize the EV landscape. Their expertise in aerospace engineering, which has given birth to some of the world’s most remarkable fighter jets, could be seamlessly transferred to the realm of EVs. This fusion of cutting-edge automotive technology with fighter jet innovation would undoubtedly result in high-performance, technologically advanced EVs.

3. Safety Commitment

Saab’s unwavering commitment to safety is something that enthusiasts and consumers alike have cherished. Their innovations in fuel tank protection set industry standards. In today’s world, where safety remains paramount, Saab’s return could offer reassurance to EV buyers concerned about lithium-ion battery packs.

4. Reliving Historic Market Success

Saab’s heyday in the late 80s and early 90s, when they produced nearly a million units of their iconic 900 range, is a testament to their ability to capture the global market. The revival of Saab could reignite this legacy, offering environmentally conscious consumers a trusted choice.

5. Upholding a Reputation for Reliability

Saab’s reputation for robust powertrains and impeccable build quality is legendary. This reputation could seamlessly transition to the EV world, addressing concerns about electric vehicle reliability. The fact that Saab continues to support its classic models with spare parts demonstrates its enduring commitment to customer satisfaction.

Inspired by Saab: The Emily GT concept, set to usher in a new era of electric vehicle production in Trollhättan. (Photo- PrntScr - Marcus & Manuela ́s Saab Channel)

6. Excellence in Build Quality

The transition to electric vehicles already enhances the perception of silent and sturdy performance, given the absence of internal combustion engines and fewer moving parts. Saab, known for its impeccable interior and exterior build quality, would naturally excel in crafting some of the most refined electric cars on the market.

7. Fostering Market Competition

The EV market is rapidly evolving, with a few major players dominating the landscape. The return of Saab as a contender would inject a much-needed dose of competition, driving innovation, lowering prices, and elevating overall product quality. This would be a win-win scenario for consumers and the industry.

8. Reviving Iconic Models

Saab’s treasure trove of iconic models like the Sonett, 9-3, and 9000 Aero continues to hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts. Imagine these classics reborn as electric vehicles, catering to a wide range of automotive preferences. Saab’s revival could satisfy the cravings of sports car enthusiasts and families alike.

9. Innovation at its Core

Saab’s history is peppered with pioneering automotive innovations, from seatbelts to turbochargers. Their commitment to innovation could propel the EV segment forward, introducing fresh ideas and technologies that have the potential to redefine the industry.

10. An Independent Saab

The possibility of Saab operating independently, free from the constraints of larger conglomerates, is a beacon of hope. While the challenges of entering the EV arena are significant, the allure of Saab regaining creative control over its destiny is immensely appealing. Recent rumors hint at the revival of the NEVS EV, igniting a glimmer of hope for Saab enthusiasts.

A return to the scene is possible, but in a different guise

In conclusion, Saab enthusiasts worldwide are united in their longing for the brand’s resurgence as a trailblazing EV manufacturer. The revival of Saab would not only rekindle nostalgia but also usher in a new era of electric mobility, offering consumers an exciting, innovative, and reliable choice in the world of electric vehicles. The dream lives on, and we eagerly anticipate the day Saab returns to the forefront of automotive innovation.


  • Thank you Goran for this excellent, complete picture of what we all appreciate in Saab since so many years and eager for.
    The community will be there to celebrate the rival when it will happen.
    Länge leve Saab

    • Thank you Nils, but I was just relaying the opinion expressed by Nikesh Kooverjee in his article, and I agree with him as do most Saab enthusiasts. Thanks to him for such a concise and accurate review

      • Hi Goran,

        Maybe this is just the key to a possible solution: Reviving the spirit of the beloved Swedish brand by letting it continue under a new brand-name, which earlier was used for Saabs iconic sports-cars.

        The world-wide Saab-community could become active contributors to helping the brands journey get started, give it support and fill it with the same character and attraction as Saab has and had for so many people across the world!

  • What would you all think if every Saab enthusiast put £1000 each would we have enough to revive as an independent company, just a thought

  • I Love Saab an I bought and owned over 4 9000 Turbos and 1 900T , all but one was Manual and I bought them all used! The 9000 Turbos from 1988 to 1996 were very reliable and were low cost maintenance in my opinion!
    I hope they keep the shape of the car pictured as the EV sedan now… It reminds Me of My 1990s Saab 9000 and although I really don’t like EVs, I’d really consider buying the style of the New Styled Saab EV!
    I’m excited for Saab! Let’s Go, SAAB! 🙏👍

  • Saab was my most cherished car of all time albeit the 95 series the comfort, reliability the looks was for me brilliant,the only downside was external brake calipers pitting but that’s a small price to pay for my enjoyment of driving my saab95

  • I have always thought EV’s are s deadened… To trail blaze, would be to do something different Hydrogen is the way forward…. Saab / hydrogen car!!! Yes please!

  • I had a 900 Turbo and loved it, but, ummm—-I loved Souplantation too and just because I write a thought piece on it and opine that I want it back and it SHOULD come back doesn’t mean it’s ever going to.

  • It would be great to see the revival of Saab. We don’t want a big conglomerate like General Motors destroying it.

  • I would welcome this with absolute enthusiasm. Times always change, everything constantly evolves. Saying that ‘old’ Saabs are never coming back is true but also a futile perspective. Even if Saab Automobile AB hadn’t gone under in 2012, a 2023 Saab would still have been something that most of us can’t imagine anyway. I’m not religious about EVs but love inspiration, innovation and the technical results that come from that — Emily would hopefully be a great example of that.

    • Saab was Saab, the four letters are part of a rich and valuable history. But, mire importantly, the engineering-spirit, the never-give-up attitude and the amazing attraction the cars from Trollhättan had for so many people, is something that can live on.

      Compare it to historical famous persons, who accomplished great things, but at some point die. Their children can continue to build on the heritage, albeit they are not the same person and want to be recognized for their contribution to their parents legacy.

      What if…. Some of Saabs famous model-names could become the name of the ”child” that continues the legacy of the Trollhättan brand?

  • Ok so im no fan or electric cars but this one looks amazing.
    And although saab ab owns the name saab if i was the new owner thats the first place i would be heading to licence the name.
    Nevs only came into existence because the went bankrupt and lost the rites to use the name. If the new company is a genuine viable concern then i dont see why saab couldnt enter
    Into negotiations to licence back the name

  • Sadly, the defense material supplier Saab will not let anyone else use the Saab name and logo anymore. The Emily GT, that looks like it is heading for production, will most likely be sold under another brand name than Saab, even if it is the spiritual successor… So Saab might live again, but not as Saab.

    • But what if we could brand it like one of the famous Saab models from the past? Sonett I, Sonett II, Sonett III…. How about Sonett IV?

  • I have a 2006 Saab 93 2T convertible and my son ran it out of gas once and it has not been the same since. I replaced ECU. Battery it just will not run , I sure miss driving her. It only has 88 thousands miles on her

    • I have a 2006 Saab 93 2T not a convertible just a regular sedan. It’s my 2nd Saab. My 1st one was 2003 95 2T. I loved that car so much. Someone hit me and it was totaled. I had 222k on it when it happened. It was a blessing in disguise I think though. The head gasket was starting to go so I was constantly dumping oil in it. So at least I got paid. And the best part was I got more than I initially bought it for. So then of course I had to get another one.

  • To Glenn Koniszewski> Look on all the online Autotrader type sites. You may find exactly what you’re looking for. I found the 06 9-5 black 5 speed wagon I was looking for there. The used car dealer I bought it from was clueless about Saabs and sold it cheap.

  • Unfortunately there are no real serious investors out there. China is making its own way with it’s own brands. SAAB was always a niche brand and probably could not make it the numbers required to generate an acceptable ROI.

  • Even though Saab had an electric prototype based on Saab 99 in the 70s I sadly think it is to late.

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