SAAB – One car for a lifetime!

saab 96

Bought from new SAAB 96 (two stroke engine with 42hp) in 1964 for 11.000 SEK. Has driven it for 51 years!

Kjell Johansson from Markaryd, Sweden has driven the same car for 51 years. He bought his SAAB 96 new in 1964, when it cost 11,000sek (ca 1300$).

According to Kjell , this Saab 96 just surpassed the 400,000 kilometer (250,000 miles.) and still going strong.

Here’s what Kjell says about how he chose Saab: “It was very convenient in the sense, one could make a bed in it and then it had  a decent price. It was easy to manage the service of the car by yourself.


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