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Dentists hail return of Saab

The Daily MashBritish satire site offering funny stories on news, politics and sport, an agony aunt column and polls. This Website today published cute funny article about Saab and Saab users-fans :) 

This is their humorous vision of Saab stereotypes:

Dentists hail return of Saab

DENTAL surgeons are excited at the prospect of being able to buy Saab cars again. 

As the car company resumes production after a two year hiatus, dentists said they could now stop buying Mercedes and Audis.

44-year-old dental practitioner Tom Logan said: “Something about the Saab brand really chimes with my eerily clinical dentist mind.

“They’re precision engineered and moderately expensive without making me look like a drug dealer.”

53-year-old dentist Julian Cook said: “There’s something about these cars that is inherently hygienic. I like that.”

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