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Saab 96 V4 Cabrio Scale model by Autodrome

Autodrome (Netherlands) is a manufacturer of exclusive car and tractor models since 1984. They hand built small series to customer desires.The tractors are in 1:32 scalethe cars in scale 1:43. Detail and quality are their trademarks. A hand built model that is made with passion and patience offers an exclusivity that cannot be met by mass production.

Among others, they made several Saab models, and certainly the most interesting is the Saab 96 Cabrio. Of course, the Saab 96 Convertible has never been manufactured by the Saab factory, but the standard Saab 96 is rebuilt by enthusiasts in a beautiful convertible.

Actually, In 1967, Saab considered making the 96 model as a convertible. The factory had 6 cars made by a special body maker and then decided the demand might not warrant the extra tooling costs. The idea to put the convertible into full production did not proceed.

This is a very rare and unique automobile since the Saab Factory never produced any. It is a definite head turner, and conversation piece. Precisely because of all the above, Autodrome company decided to make this special Scale model. The model was created in 1994, and it is not known how much these kits have been sold. This looks like a whole kit:

Bruce Turk, famous Saab enthusiast and car racer, came to this scale kit and showed how model looks when kit is getting together:

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