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Saab Enthusiast Turns Car into Flower Bed and Barbecue in Front Yard?!

From Car to Garden: The Saab Lover's Unique Transformation!

Protest: Saab BBQ and planter in front gardenProtest: Saab BBQ and planter in front garden

Peter Jonkers had his front yard paved to be able to park a car there. However, in the municipality of Etten-Leur (Netherlands), this is not allowed. But Jonkers, a huge Saab enthusiast, came up with a clever trick to outsmart the local authorities. He purchased a Saab 900 convertible, removed the engine block, transformed the car into a flower bed, and placed a barbecue under the hood. And thus, Jonkers now has a ‘non-car’ standing in his garden.

With a mischievous grin, Jonkers found a creative solution to satisfy his love for cars while adhering to the strict regulations of the municipality. By repurposing the Saab into a decorative element with a touch of functionality, he managed to turn his front yard into a unique and eye-catching space.

Passersby are left amused and bewildered by the sight of a car that isn’t a car. The Saab-turned-plant bed and barbecue is a testament to Jonkers’ ingenuity and his determination to find joy and beauty in unconventional ways.

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What do you do when you have an old Saab that is beyond repair? You sell the salvageable parts and make the most out of what’s left.

Because there was one thing Peter Jonkers from Etten-Leur was certain about: as a true Saab lover and collector, he couldn’t bear to send a Saab convertible to the scrapyard.

Last year, he purchased an old Saab 900 convertible that was beyond restoration. He sold off some parts, including the engine block.

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Then the idea came to him and his wife to preserve the car and turn it into a piece of art for their front yard. They stripped the car further and surrendered the license plates.

Peter had two things in mind: using the car as a sort of flower bed and incorporating a barbecue into it. In the summer of 2016, the car was placed in the front yard, and the barbecue was added a few months ago.

So far, the barbecue has only been used once. “But it will definitely be fired up several times this summer,” says Jonkers.

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What does the neighborhood think of this project? “Well, most people don’t have any issues with it. We find it fun, after all, a person needs to have a hobby.”

Saab enthusiasts are known for their unique quirks, and this Saab owner is certainly no exception. While some might find it strange to repurpose a classic car, especially one with a rich aviation history, for use as a flower bed and barbecue, this creative owner saw the potential in giving new life to his beloved Saab.

Saab owners are a special breed of car enthusiasts. It takes a certain type of person to choose the now-defunct but rugged Swedish brand with its aviation heritage. And it seems that each Saab driver is even more eccentric than the last, as exemplified by this particular owner.

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Jonkers' playful rebellion against the restrictive rules of his municipality has inadvertently turned his front yard into a charming and entertaining space. It's a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to find joy in the unexpected.
Jonkers’ playful rebellion against the restrictive rules of his municipality has inadvertently turned his front yard into a charming and entertaining space. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to find joy in the unexpected.

Through an Autoblog reader active on Instagram, @styndex, we got our hands on these photos. It’s evident that the owner has a fondness for the finer Saabs. He has a Saab 9-3 Griffin Sport Sedan parked in front of his house, and in his garden, a 900 Cabrio rests.

However, the 900 Cabrio, adorned with American license plates, no longer serves as a faithful steel moose on sunny days. Instead, the owner has chosen to let it continue its life as a flower bed and a barbecue. Judging by the green mess visible on the front of the Saab, it seems like it has been serving this purpose for quite some time.

Reportedly, the owner didn’t want to part with his 900 Cabrio back then, so he decided to embark on this project with his wife. For several years now, it has been standing in the couple’s front yard as a flower bed. There’s no engine block upfront anymore, but a barbecue. Undoubtedly, it will be put to use again soon!

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This Saab enthusiast’s story is a testament to the love and devotion that some people have for their cars. Instead of letting go of his beloved Saab, he found a creative and whimsical way to give it a second life. The car-turned-flower bed and barbecue not only showcase his passion for Saab but also add a touch of charm and humor to the neighborhood.

The transformation of this Saab into a unique piece of outdoor decor is a reminder that cars can hold sentimental value and become more than just a means of transportation. They can become symbols of individuality, creativity, and personal expression.

So, the next time you see an old car repurposed in an unconventional way, like a flower bed or a barbecue, remember that behind it lies a passionate owner who saw the beauty and potential in giving their beloved vehicle a new purpose. It’s these quirky and dedicated car enthusiasts that keep the automotive world colorful and exciting.

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