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Saab 900 adventure “Denmark-Iran-Denmark Banger Rally”

Disco Duck Saab 900iDisco Duck Saab 900i

After driving from a Denmark to Mongolia and back in 2010, the infamous “Disco Duck” was taken for a last drive at the yearly “Dallerup Mansion Grass raing” in 2011.

Before “KOTS Silkroad adventure (Banger rally)” Saab 900i it had done 340.000 km in its 19 year lifetime. Been parked up in a bush for 2 years and they bought it for 300 euro. Without ANY mechanical preperation it drove more than 10,000 km in 5 weeks from Denmark through the EU, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Russia, Ukraine and back home to Aarhus (Denmark) – It never missed a beat but did lose the exhaust outside Hamburg 6 hours from reaching the finish line in Aarhus, Denmark.

saab 900 rally

The Homemade roofrack (built from an old industrial eletrical cabinet – had to keep coast below 500euro) with a weight problem of some 20 kilo (It was also to be used as a hardwood terrasse when driving through Uzbekistan and Mongolia).

saab 900i

In total team crammed worth of a minivan haul of toys and school´ish stuff into the old swede and donated it all to a childrens orphanage in Uzbekistan. The captain and commander of the “Disco Duck” was Mr. Hvilsted and Mr. Wang – see for a bit more

Well, thats another of their Saab-nuts projects... They are thinking of planning a 5 week “Denmark-Iran-Denmark Banger Rally adventure” in summer 2017 in another classic Saab 900i – anyone thinking of joining?