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New HS Concept: 2017 Saab 9-3

h.s 2017 Saab 9-3 concepth.s 2017 Saab 9-3 concept

After a very interesting concept 2016 Saab 9-3, Swedish Graphic designer & Car design enthusiast Haris Sacic send us new Saab Concept  – his vision of 2017 Saab 9-3!

This concept is much more in the manner of the SAAB, with much more recognizable Saab lines. Let’s hope that at least one of these concepts to realize in practice, in the near future. How do you like this concept?

Saab Concept


    • Build it! I like the new sleet design. I think saab should make a come back and the aeroplan engineers should regroup their technology knowledge onto auto vehicles

      • I agree my wife 2004 Saab 93 Areo is the best car I ever owned! it never broke down on us and only required the normal wear and tear items a car need to be replaced. please some one with some vision bring back the Saab.

  • please built it, our first saab was a 1999 93 excellent car, our second cars was a 2005 euro (it safe our life to my wife and my self after a mejor accident in 2014 ) at the present time we own a 1993 saab 900s convertible. Hopefully saab will re worn again soon.

  • Saab brilliant looks design and reliability. No One makes cars like these anymore. I have a 9-3 sportwagon 180hp. Fast economy and What more could you ask for. It looks nice from every angle. And the saab convertible well that’s another story so sexsy

  • Heck, build me a new 9-5 Aero….anything but just come back Saab. You are so missed…..

    I love this and I’d go see my bank for a new 9-3 if this was built, the only problem is I’m not sure I’m cool enough to drive it….!

  • I have a 2001 Saab 93 which I have owned for 11 years. Brilliant nothing to replace it. Please put that 2017 design back into production – that would sell – forget some of those other fancy designs. I would order one tomorrow and still keep the old 93!

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