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1964 Saab 96 Sport: FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship, Cesana-Sestriere in Italy

saab 96 sport

His name is Anders Jensen and he is from Sweden. Anders started with motorsport as a codriver for his  late brother Rolf in 1967 and drove his first Rally in 1973. Since than, He has done a numerous rallies, circuit races and hill climbs, both as a driver, codriver and mechanic on national and international level.

This newest video showing he driving his 1964 Saab 96 Sport, Group II  in Hill Climb Championship, Cesana-Sestriere in Italy:

Here’s what Anders says about his participation in the rallies throughout Europe: “ I use it for circuit racing, hill climbing and sometimes rallying. It is modified according to FIA Appendix K which means that nothing much is allowed. I run on Dunlop CR65 but most of he cars is on semi slicks in hill climbs. The 850cc twostroke engine is tuned from originally 52HP to 85HP.The gearbox have a another gearing and final drive ratio.

And he goes on: “Chassis setting is stiffer and of course there is fitted a roll cage. In the 60’s and early 70′ it was used for competition until it was dismantled. I bought the car in boxes in late 2006 and started to renovate. In May 2008 it was ready for it’s first race. It has since completed over 200 heats or stages and is still going. This competition is the 2018 Cesana-Sestriere hill climb. It is a part of the FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship, the European and Italian hill climb championship. The organizer is Automobile Club Torino.”

The whole stage is 10,4km but this year it was shortened to 6,4km, due to a landslide, so it was run twice instead. Elevation change is 680 meters and you finish at atitude 1980 meters. Anders did it in 4:11.93 and 4:10.93 with a total of 8:22.90. His average speed was 91,6km/h. It took he to a 11th place of 19 starters in category 1. He is very pleased with that as he drove the car with the smallest engine.

Sure, watch the video, and enjoy the famous sound from his Saab’s cab – we want Anders a lot of luck in his next competitions.