SAAB Funny

Poor Saab filled with concrete

Saab filled with cement

If you do not know Brookside is a British soap opera set in Liverpool, England, and  in one of the episodes of this soap opera one Saab 900 played an insidious role.

Interestingly, one of the employees in the local Saab office recalled this event, when TV production borrowed a car for recording purposes from this car dealer called Sabcar.

Anthony Standish said about this event: “Back in 1994 we Sarbkar NW loaned a SAAB 900 to TV Show Brookside (a Liverpool based soap tv show). In the scene, our Saab is filled with cement through the sun roof and you can see the suspension going down as the cement is poured into it.

Here is this scene:

If you are wondering what happened to the car after shooting, here is what Anthony replied: ” I believe they gave us it back after the shoot and it was broken down for parts and scrapped“. Poor Saab….