The Singular Sapphire: The World’s Only Saab 9-5NG in Glacier Blue

Singular Sapphire of Taiwan: Saab's NG95 in Exclusive Glacier Blue

Mr. Zeng's Saab 9-5 NG in Glacier Blue: A Swedish Icon Revived on Taiwanese Roads – The Embodiment of Saab’s Ingenuity and SAC's Dedication.

Saab’s Swedish Elegance: A Tradition in Automotive Excellence

When one thinks of Swedish craftsmanship, images of minimalist design and functional elegance come to mind. Saab, with its storied heritage, has seamlessly woven these elements into its automobiles, creating vehicles that are both timeless and forward-thinking. This dedication to design and performance is visible in every line and curve of their cars, where safety meets style.

The World’s Only NG95 in Glacier Blue: A Tale of Passion and Paint

In a display of unmatched devotion and individuality, a Saab enthusiast in Taiwan, Mr. Zeng, has managed to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. His Saab 9-5NG is the only one in the world cloaked in the mesmerizing Glacier Blue, a color that reflects the brand’s Swedish origins and Mr. Zeng’s passion for the marque. His commitment to preserving and personalizing his Saab collection shines as an example of automotive passion at its finest.

"Exclusive Glacier Blue Saab 9-5 NG stands proudly at the SAC showroom, a rare jewel of Swedish engineering and a symbol of unique automotive passion in Taiwan.
“Exclusive Glacier Blue Saab 9-5 NG stands proudly at the SAC showroom, a rare jewel of Swedish engineering and a symbol of unique automotive passion in Taiwan.

The unique Glacier Blue Metallic color of Saab vehicles isn’t just a choice; it’s a tribute to the natural beauty of Sweden. Inspired by the compression of air bubbles during the transformation of snow into blue ice crystals, this color embodies the visual splendor of glacial ice. Representing Saab and the spirit of Sweden, the Glacier Blue hue has become a testament to the brand’s connection with its roots and its environment.

The Griffin’s Roar: Celebrating Saab’s Legacy on Taiwan’s Roads

As Mr. Zeng’s Saab 9-5 NG in Glacier Blue graces the asphalt, it does more than turn heads—it carries forward the legendary Griffin emblem and Saab’s tale of ingenuity. It’s a mobile monument to the love of a brand that, through SAC’s unwavering support and the dedication of owners, continues to thrive and inspire in Taiwan and beyond.

Mr. Zeng’s dedication to Saab is a testament to the brand’s impact on its enthusiasts. Since the beginning of 2020, Mr. Zeng has acquired six different Saab models, each with varying features and capabilities but all bearing the classic hallmarks of Swedish automotive artisanship. From appearance to performance, these vehicles continue to carry the torch of Saab’s century-long heritage.

By late 2023, Mr. Zeng procured a 2011 Saab 9-5 model in silver, a standout addition to his collection. However, noticing the absence of the iconic Glacier Blue in the 9-5 series, he commissioned a full car repaint. The transformation was completed at the Tucheng factory, culminating in the world’s only Saab 9-5 in Glacier Blue. This singular masterpiece is not just a car but a chapter in Saab’s storied history.

SAC: The Custodians of Saab’s Swedish Soul in Taiwan

The painstaking task of maintaining the Swedish marque’s presence and ensuring the highest levels of care and customization falls to the Scandinavia Asia Corporation (SAC). As the authorized distributor in Taiwan, SAC not only provides a wealth of original parts and expert services but also carries the torch of Saab’s reputation for excellence in customer satisfaction.

Innovating Saab’s Legacy: SAC’s Multimedia Systems Upgrade

SAC Company doesn’t just stop at maintenance and repair; they push the envelope by upgrading Saab’s multimedia systems, ensuring owners like Mr. Zeng enjoy a modern driving experience without compromising the classic Saab feel. This commitment to innovation was highlighted in a presentation to Jan-Philipp Schumacher, showcasing SAC’s dedication to enhancing Saab vehicles for Taiwan’s discerning owners.

A trio of Saab cars in distinctive Glacier Blue, parked outside the SAC showroom, showcasing the brand's iconic design and color that pays homage to Sweden's frozen landscapes.
A trio of Saab cars in distinctive Glacier Blue, parked outside the SAC showroom, showcasing the brand’s iconic design and color that pays homage to Sweden’s frozen landscapes.

Fostering a Community: SAC’s Commitment Beyond Cars

SAC understands that the relationship with their clientele transcends transactions. By hosting regular customer events, training programs, and engaging in charity work, SAC Company fosters a robust community of Saab aficionados. Their close-knit approach to business and community support not only endears them to local Saab enthusiasts but also cements their status as a pivotal force in Taiwan’s automotive sector.

Saab’s Legendary Emblem Lives On

As Mr. Zeng’s unique Glacier Blue Saab 9-5 takes to the streets, it carries with it the legacy of the Griffin emblem, deeply etched in the hearts of Saab enthusiasts worldwide. This tale isn’t just about a car; it’s about a living legend that continues to write its story on the roads and in the minds of those who appreciate automotive excellence.


  • From my standpoint, SAABs really suck. A LOT !!!
    Until Saab replaces my brand new 1971 Saab 99ea
    I will continue to berate the SAAB name.
    I ordered a new Saab in 1971 and waited 60 days for delivery. Upon receiving the car PROBLEMS
    NEEDED A NEW ENGINE after 10 days. TEN DAYS !
    It took the dealer 91 days to get and install.
    It was ALL DOWNHILL from there. Car NEVER RAN CORECTLY. USUALLY requiring a TOW TRUCK to get home. Sad Saab. I should have bought the Volvo. 😔
    PS A mechanic rolled it off a cliff near Denver.

    • Should of, Could of, Would of….bought a FORD: Found On Road Dead, Fix Or Repair Daily…Shall I continue?????? That’s what I thought.
      I’ve had & still have 2 SAAB 9-5’s, & am looking to purchase another one due to my 6-iL XWD was crashed recently by an AUDI Q7 Head-on & now I’m searching for another one. Did uou say the 1970’s guy??

  • It’s painful as hell to see my favourite car brand being ruined by GM’s dirty hands. Fantastic exterior with so much potential born death with the DNA of an Opel Insignia 😫 Not that the Insignia is a bad car,it’s just not as exquisite as one Saab should be.

    • I’ve had multiple Saabs since my 1986 I picked up on European delivery in Sweden. Had almost 300,000 miles on it when we parted ways, and even then never had to add a drop of oil between oil changes, and never any major repairs. I’ve had a few more Saabs since and all were reliable. I’ve had several high end cars since, and many are great, but no other sedan is more fun to drive, in my opinion, than a Saab.

  • Le Saab, mancano molto! Erano all’avanguardia tecnica e bellissime auto, un vero peccato il destino che hanno incontrato!

  • I still hope someone can bring SAAB back into business. I always loved the fact they were a bit different.

  • İt is very interesting brand still makes war air craft jet , scania trucks but not car , şad not to see saab cars or old saab cars parts , l live in turkey even 1999-2003 models we can find in good contion but Azrail to buy because some parts are not available even in usa in european parts salers, because no longer production after 2011 , very stupid delision stop producing car.

  • I do love Saabs never owned one but would love one in the future. I went halfway and bought an insignia instead. I do love my insignia but hopefully a Saab can join my insignia one day

  • I am from South Africa. I had four Saab 9-5’s and they are the most amazing vehicles as far as safety, performance, luxury and many other things are concerned. Just love the brand!! Wish they were still available.

  • I saw one Glacier blue Turbo4 in Blue Island, I’ll near Chicago years ago at a shop. Was bought from an auction with blown motor. Only wanted $2k. If I had the cash and know the more common 9-3 2.0T motor could be had to fix it and do a manual swap I would have it now. Beautiful timeless car. Not seen daily and definitely a Unicorn. I have a 2011 9-4x saying the year is really redundant because they were only 2011 model year cars #426!

  • Any saab built after 1996 should just be called what it really is, a Chevy. Thanks for running a great engineered car into the ground GM.

  • The glacier blue is a beautiful color and makes this incredible car stand out even more. This inspires me to have my 2011 9-5 Aero repainted in Glacier Blue. Mr. Zeng has an amazing collection of Saabs and I would love to see that collection in person.

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