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Saab Grand Meet 2018 Lithuania

Saab meeting

The SAAB Lithuania club just “woke up from the winter sleep”, and At the beginning of June, the club organized a large gathering of Saab brand fans there. It was a big gathering of the fans and owners of the Saab cars.

Below, you can read the detailed report from this gathering sent us by one of the organizers. Thanks to Samanta Mickytė,  appreciate how they do an awesome job of keeping the Saab culture alive and, better yet, looking awesome.

Saab cars gathering

What can better than many Saab cars in one place? I guess we all can agree that seeing multiple unique Swedish cars in one place is just a moment to remember for the whole life time. So, with this idea at July 8th Lithuanian Saab car’s enthusiasts organized a memorable day for Lithuanian Saab lovers.

Saab club Lithuania

And probably it was the biggest Saab event in Lithuania ever, which was happening in the one and only official track place in Kačerginė. We were flattered to see 80+ Saab cars in one place and most important not only from Lithuania, but also from Latvia.

Saab gathering

First, one of the most amazing thigs were that many people came and enjoyed everything during the event. The day started with a fun game with 3 boxes. We had three teams with completely random people. Each team had to create a story from a given sentence in 15 minutes. It was awesome to see how people work together and discuss about every single aspect of the story. This game made the event atmosphere cozier and more fun for the all event.

Saab racing

After that we had the warm-up relay. Each participant had a cup on the car with water. And the one with the best time and had spilled least water won. Saab enthusiast happily tried their luck in this relay.

At the lunch break we had one more game. Three older generation cars (Saab 900 and 9-3og) had an opportunity to attend in a Waxing competition. In 15 minutes three teams had to wax all the body of a car. The one team which did the best job won. And it happened that they were the fastest team.

waxing competition

And finally, the most important thing of this event – drag. We had two diesel classes: 1,9tid and 2,2tid and one 3,0tid. There were only 9 diesel Saab who attended in drag.  And we had three categories in petrol’s: 96-129kw, 136-154kw and 169 and up kw. Then show started. The sounds of straight pipes and all tuned cars was amazing. It was one of the best moments of the event.

Saab drag racing

The main purpose of this event was to unite as many Saab drivers and enthusiast in Lithuania as possible. To change people opinion about this brand and to show how amazing they are. We were very happy that Latvia’s Saab Club came with wonderful cars. It was really hard to believe how many tuned and well-done cars there were which were eye-catching. But no matter what – we all love these special Swedish creations.

The event’s friends are SAAB Nine-Five Lithuania and SAAB Lietuva

Saab Viggen

Also, there is some videos from this event:

And a video from Latvia about their trip to Grand meet:

Full event page:

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