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See You Later Craig!

Craig Beau Saab

One of the most famous Saab vlogger Craig Beau (We mentioned in this blog some of his activities within the Saab community) aired his kind “farewell message” earlier this year on his video channel. His “Saabs Of America” video channel was one of the most popular video channels dedicated to Saab cars, and is certainly the best in the realm of monitoring the Saab community and their gatherings across the US.

Unfortunately for the Saab community, at least for a while he will not be dealing with Saab cars, or cars in general. He has made some decisions in his life and is shifting his focus to other topics that matter much to him. Here’s what he says in his touching video message:

His skills and enthusiasm are truly unmatched and striking, he has been present and reporting from all major gatherings of Saab enthusiasts in America, and thanks to his communicative nature, he has made numerous new acquaintances – with what he says is “the best people.”

We’ve always enjoyed your videos, he is a great asset to the Saab community. Thanks for sharing great content and narrative, We’ll be waiting for your return in Saab cars World! A Saab community wish you all the luck in your endeavor! It’s never really “Goodbye”…