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Happy 28th Birthday to

Saab networkSaab network

The Saab Network ( was created on the Internet on October 1st, 1988 with the first message going out to subscribers 28 years ago today, October 10th, 1988. In the early 1990’s, the collected discussions were put online on the first version of The Saab Network web site that lives on the server (which actually connected to the server over a 28 mile wireless connection from Mountain View to San Jose CA, to an antenna on top of the Fairmont Hotel).

The Saab NetworkLater, it lived under it’s current name,, at Midcoast Maine, an ISP run by Jason S. and Jason P., who graciously gave it rack space and bandwidth until it made it’s move back to California and lived on an $800/month!!

T1 line (1.5Mbps). Now it lives on a 75Mbps connection (that is lot cheaper than that old T1) and it regularly is pumping out 20+Mbps of data. The site has had millions of Saabers visit it and 1/2 million visited it in just the last six months alone (Google Analytics).

The bulletin boards and classifieds draw the heaviest traffic and Saabs are sold from coast to coast and even, quite often, internationally. This past year, a Saab was sold on the site in a record 9 minutes from the moment it was posted

Specila tnanks to Scott Paterson – webmaster of!

P.S. And that’s not all, SaabNet On the anniversary  reward members: How do you win one of these $28 gift cards? It’s very easy. Anyone can enter and to enter, all you need to do is to reply to this post (use the form below this message or Post Followup link) telling us which one of the Saabs you’ve owned that was your favorite Saab

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