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Saab 9-5NG in The Hunt for Northern Lights

Saab 9-5 NG

Although the title suggests that one Saab was “hunting” the northern lights, yet in that hunt for Aurora borealis there was a nice couple in Saab 9-5NG. This lovely couple is made up of Marcus Bergfeldt and his wife Manuela, who are big fans of Saab cars and travels. And that’s what their video channel is called – Marcus & Manuela ́s Saab Channel, where they post video reports and impressions from the many journeys they make to the various Saaba vehicles they own.

So far, they have owned several interesting, even rare, Saab cars, the most impressive being the Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5NG. In the last couple of years, with their Saab cars, they have visited a number of Saab enthusiasts’ festivals and gatherings across Europe. They recorded all these gatherings with the camera, from their own angle. In addition to gatherings, they usually travel to distant destinations, such as visits to major European capitals, then visits to faraway Iceland, a trip to Norway or, for example, a tour of the Arctic Circle.

From their last trip, organized just before the New Year, they bring us an interesting video travelogue in which they chased the Polar Light in the far north of Sweden. This is by far the longest trip with their ”new” car – This Saab 9-5NG has been owned by former Saab Parts and Orio. Enjoy as much as we do, in a show that lasts just over an hour:

We are sorry that this lovely couple failed to capture the Northern Lights, but we like everything in the travelogue: the whole atmosphere, the choice of music, the recorded attractions, the visit to the Ice Hotel and everything else. The north of Sweden is beautiful at this time of year, but also dangerous and cruel, so those who take the road to this side should beware of it. It is interesting, as they themselves have noticed, that very few Saab cars, especially the new generation Saab 9-5, are encountered on the roads.

Thank them for their great effort and enthusiasm, and we wish them luck on some new (SAAB) trips.

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