Saab Upholstery Repair

Saab seats after reparation

Believe it or not, this is the same Saab 9-3 car! As you can see, before going to the Car Upholstery Repair service, The Vector seats of this car were in a pretty worn condition.

Is there a “magic” repair service that can do something superb with them for sensible money to get them to look good or do you actually have to get them retrimmed?

It really depends on how badly the leather is worn, if its just light scuffing a good clean and feed will keep it soft, supple and stop it getting much worse. It the outer coating has worn away, no amount of feeding will help. In that case, thanks to Velteck Saab partsyou can buy brand new Saab seat covers, or can be repaired in one of the specialized services.

In this example we have  leatherette (viny)-textile upholstery. Two-tone seats in Vector spec are not fully leather seats, light/dark strips are polyurethane (fake leather/leatherette). In Aerospecs, basic equipment contains heated (when ordered) leather/textile sport seats (1 tone leather seats, 2 tone leather seats) or (1 tone) real premium leather seats. Anyway, In both cases, vehicle owners can successfully repaired seat covers.

in the pictures you can see the seats after the treatment at the DetailSupport service from Lublin (Poland). Touch-up of the seat of a 2007 Saab 9-3 with eatherette (viny)-textile interior. This is cheaper than purchasing new seat covers. Back to perfection!