SAAB Safety

Seatbelts save lives

It is a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt in the front and back of a vehicle.

But there are exceptions aren’t there?

Crews from Cheddar and Wells (UK) along with an Ops Assurance Officer attended a very serious road traffic collision (RTC) on the afternoon of 19 January during the changeable weather that seems to be hitting the area at the moment. In the incident, a Saab Convertible vehicle was involved.

Saab Save lives

Rescue team have shown these images of the scene just to show the importance of fitting a child car seat correctly. The infant was released from the child seat with no injuries due to it being correctly fastened.

Safety Child seat

Baby is fine, parents are doing ok, driver has severe facial fractures, lots of bruising too, passenger had op to fix her badly broken leg, but could have been so much worse. Saabs save lives…

Please remember that even a short journey can end unexpectedly. Always, drive Saab, and wear a seat belt. It could save your life.

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