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The Noordkaap Cabrio Challenge

Saab cabrio North Pole

The Noordkaap Cabrio Challenge is all about the roads, the itinerary, the people, The Cabrios and the great surroundings you will pass.

This type of road challenges has been held for more than 10 years, and has various organizers – but , they had one important thing in commonall participants in the challenge drive cabriolets (convertibles), with a lowered roof.

Saab convertible challenge

Therefore, the challenge is not easy at all, primarily because of the location where the challenge is going on – near the North Pole – “Norcape” (Noordkaap) – a trip from Oslo to Stockholm via the Arctic Circle.

Of course, every year, among the many participants, there are also those with Saab Convertibles.

Below, in a couple of videos you can see the details of several different challenges, where the participants were in Saab Cabrios:


SAAB CABRIO! Dit keer uitgelicht: een van de twee cabrio's die dit jaar mee rijdt. En hun ervaring so far. #cabrio #koudhoor #NKC16 #SR16 #3FM #noordkaap #challenge

Geplaatst door Noordkaap Challenge op Zondag 18 december 2016