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Saab 9 Griffin Concept Car

Beautiful SAAB 9 Griffin Concept Car

The Saab 9-Griffin concept was created by Joonhyung Park for the final graduation project while studying automotive design at Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea. For 2008 the design brief was to create a next-generation luxury sedan.

The most noticeable feature of the Saab 9-Griffin is the unusual asymmetric exterior design. This layout was developed due to the idea of creating a vehicle which could emphasize driver involvement on both the exterior and interior while still essentially remaining a luxury sedan.

In order to achieve this the Saab 9-Griffin utilizes a four-seat layout in which the driver is positioned slightly further forward than the front seat passenger. The exterior bodywork and windscreen reflects this design element and forms a bubble around the driver.

Access to the Saab 9-Griffin (full size luxury sedan) is through two different door systems. On the passenger side a single large door opens to give access to all the passenger seats. While on the driver side, the driver enters the vehicle through a dramatic two-part door which consists of a conventional side door and a forward hinging canopy.